These are some of the questions we get most often from authors, publishers and prospective clients. Please look these over to see if your question is covered, and if not, fill out the contact form below. We’d be happy to help answer any other questions you may have!


What type of authors do you represent?


Whether you have self-published or you are represented by a publishing company, Cover to Cover Marketing can assist authors at all experience levels. We can help self-published and indie authors build their platform to help launch their writing career, or we can augment the publicity activities of your publisher. The publicity teams assigned to you by a publisher work for the publisher. If you work with us, we are YOUR publicity team.


What if my book isn’t published yet?

That’s actually a good thing! The best time to start building your platform or preparing for your book launch is before your book is actually published. We would recommend at least a six-month campaign so we can gear up for the launch of your book and then provide ongoing publicity assistance once your book is released.


I self-published my book a while ago. Isn’t it too late to market my book now?

Not at all. If you haven’t gained much traction with your book since it was released, it could be because of a lack of a marketing plan. We would determine your needs during our initial consultation.  Our staff has worked with previously self-published authors, developed a branding and marketing plan, and helped “relaunch” their books to their target niche audience. It is easier than ever to publish a book, but that also means the publishing industry is much more competitive.    Cover to Cover Marketing helps you stand out from your competition!


How will I know what is going on with my publicity campaign?

When you work with Cover to Cover Marketing, you aren’t just a client. We take a team approach to working with authors. That means you’ll receive progress reports on your campaign, and you can email or schedule a call with us with any additional questions or needs that you have. When you work with us, you truly have your own publicity team. We want to work right beside you and help you do the heavy lifting on getting the word out about your book!


What happens when my publicity campaign is over?

Some authors only need publicity assistance for the initial launch of their book, but others need ongoing marketing assistance, coaching and consultation. Once your publicity campaign comes to an end, you’ll have to option to keep Cover to Cover Marketing on a retainer for ongoing assistance. Also, if we learn of any publicity opportunities that may be a great fit for your book, we’ll contact you and offer fee-per-service assistance if the retainer option doesn’t work for you or your budget. Our clients aren’t just customers. Many of them have become our friends, and we look out for our friends!


I don’t really want to promote my book. Can’t you just do everything for me?

We could, but that really wouldn’t be in the best interest of your book. When you work with a publicist, we believe that relationship should be a partnership to have the biggest impact in the marketplace. Of course, we’ll take care of the services and contacts that we agree upon with you during our consultation, but the most successful authors are very involved with the marketing and publicity process. After all, your readers will want to connect with YOU, not your publicist. Think of us as your team working behind the scenes to make media and author appearance opportunities happen for you.


Can you guarantee I’ll sell a certain number of books, or that I’ll be a New York Times bestselling author?


While we have worked with bestselling authors, no publicist can guarantee that if you spend a certain amount of marketing dollars that you’ll sell a corresponding number of books. If anyone is making those types of promises to you, run! The purpose of a publicist is to help you get publicity.    We want to reach readers in your target market and help them discover you and your book and help you create sales opportunities. No author or book is successful in today’s marketplace without publicity or marketing.